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We are first and foremost

Our programs contain good music, news, culture, the arts and literature.

Radio Broadcasting

Radio defines a culture that has lasted for generations...
Through radio, we learn about many things and become aware of the developments around the world: news, discussions, music and radio theatre...
What makes us unique among the radios of Turkey is that we present the Christian faith to our listeners. We also provide information to those of our audience who are curious about Christianity.

Producing Advertisments

Advertisements are of great importance to marketing your brand on radio and television, in newspapers, magazines and on the web. Advertising is intended to make an impact on the consumer and promote the product/service. A good ad needs to be interesting, amazing, original and creative. That is exactly what we create.

Music Album Publication

It is said that music is the food of the soul. So we have produced the tools necessary to feed the masses with quality music.
We’ll take care of those who want to get their music out in the post professional way.

Studio Rental

Imagination is the ability to describe mental images or to create spontaneous images inside a person’s mind. It gives meaning to experiences and helps understand facts. It plays an important role in the learning process. We believe that new beauty will emerge as we work together and so open our doors to you.


Voice-over artists are indispensable. From cartoon characters to shampoo ads to radio announcements to phone welcome messages, they provide a valuable service. The important thing is for the speaker to bring to life and color the character that he or she is to portray. We work with the best in the business to provide the best match for your needs.

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