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The Sound of Love and Peace

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To present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the city of Ankara and the country of Turkey clearly in the Turkish language.


We desire to see people reconciled to God. We will achieve this through the presentation of a proper understanding of God and the work of Jesus Christ.

The Sound of Love and Peace

Showing love forms the basis of our broadcasting philosophy. In being a voice for joy and peace we build bridges to proclaim the good news of God’s love.

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Research has shown that radio is the most long-lived and most effective form of mass communication. We strive to provide the best possible broadcasting within this medium. 

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Why We Are Successful


  • Radio Shema will not publish any programs, works or advertisements that negatively criticize, condemn, or are irreverent toward other beliefs, groups or opinions.
  • Radio Shema does not broadcast programs or advertisements that are not in line with reality or contain exaggerations, lies or misrepresentations.
Why We Are Successful
  • Radio Shema will not broadcast programs or advertisements that encourage the drinking of alcohol and/or use of tobacco directly or indirectly, nor will they publicize places where they are consumed.
  • Radio Shema will not promote films, magazines, or other media whose content that will harm the moral structure or health of society and will recommend staying away from such publications.
  • Radio Shema believes that one truly respects oneself by respecting all members of society equally.
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