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The radio that uses the respect it has earned for good by contributing to the freedoms that form a democratic country. The radio that respects every person, every faith, and labors for a world where people who believe in freedom of choice can decide freely. The radio that cares about and values their listeners.

About Us

The power of music is undeniable, and the effect music has on people greater than can be imagined. Good music moves people; good music makes life more enjoyable; good music makes people better.

Radio Shema aims to broadcast “good music”. We purpose to convey love and well-being to our audience through good music. Thus, we obsess over the quality of the music we play, making sure the lyrics are uplifting and the tunes produce peace; and we will continue this practice as long as we’re on the air.

Over the years we have enriched our broadcast with live shows, such as the daily news broadcasts. We stream live on the Internet. We offer new listening experiences, music that is simply different and open windows to new worlds through our spoken-word programs.

However, Radio Shema’s most important mission is to promote diversity, to amplify the voices of those who have none and to defend multifaceted opinions and expressions. No matter your age, no matter your walk of life, you’ll enjoy listening to Radio Shema and you’ll see your life change for the better…

Come explore Radio Shema, stay at Radio Shema. We’re here at FM 98.0 in Ankara and worldwide on the Internet.

Soner Tufan
General Manager of Radio Shema

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