Special Easter Programmes for 2015

Resim kaynağı: ArieN İzin ile Kullanılmıştır

The Protestants and Roman Catholics will be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ on April 5, 2015. Traditionally the week before (beginning with March 29 this year) is known as the Holy Week and Christians generally prepare themselves for the joyous celebration of Jesus resurrection during these days. The week begins with Palm Sunday (March 30), on which Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem is remembered. During the following days some Christians take time to ponder Jesus’ teaching in the temple and prepare themselves for Friday. Jesus’ Passover dinner with his disciples is often remembered by taking the Lord’s Supper together. Friday is known as Good Friday, when Christians take time to remember and mourn the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Jesus glorious resurrection is then celebrated joyfully on Sunday, often with early-morning church services and special meals.

In order to help our listeners prepare for this momentous festival, we at Radio Shema have put together some special programming for the Holy Week. Every day of this week Feride Teyze will tell the story of Jesus death and resurrection at 21:00. The programme “The Life of Christ” will air daily (except for Saturday April 4) at 17:00. Special Good Friday and Easter messages will be broadcast at various times on April 3, 4 and 5. İhsan Özbek’s special three-part programme “Being Mary” will be broadcast on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 19:00. Marangoz has also created a special Good Friday programme that you can listen to at 22:00 on Friday and a special Easter programme that will be on air at 14:00 on Sunday. We hope you enjoy these special programmes.

May your heart be prepared for the great sacrifice and glorious resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!


Feride Teyze: Daily at 21:00


The Life of Christ

Part 1

Friday, 27 March at 17:00

Part 2

Saturday, 28 March at 17:00

Part 3

Sunday, 29 March at 17:00

Part 4

Monday, 30 March at 17:00

Part 5

Tuesday, 31 March at 17:00

Part 6

Wednesday, 1 April at 17:00

Part 7

Thursday, 2 April at 17:00

Parts 8 and 9

Friday, 3 April at 17:00

Part 10

Sunday, 5 April at 17:00


Being Mary

Part 1

Friday, 3 April at 19:00

Part 2

Saturday, 4 April at 19:00

Part 3

Sunday, 5 April at 19:00


Marangoz Good Friday Special: Friday, 3 April at 22:00

Marangoz Easter Special: Sunday, 5 April at 14:00


All times are according to Ankara (Easter European) time.